Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Lawyer

There are many potential benefits to filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. It offers a way to consolidate debt into one monthly payment. It is also a good way to stop home foreclosure and repossession of vehicles. You can eliminate much of your credit card debt as well.

To learn whether Chapter 13 is right for you, speak with the experienced staff at the law office of Luman C. Earle Attorney At Law in Dublin. When you talk to us or meet with our lawyer, you will get answers to your questions about bankruptcy. Before we recommend that you file, we will examine your assets, debts and income. We will also ask you about your debt relief goals, including whether you are hoping to prevent foreclosure. We only recommend bankruptcy when it is the best option for our clients.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy FAQ

Can I keep my house and car?

Yes. Filing Chapter 13 can prevent foreclosure and repossession because you will have time to catch up on the loan payments.

How long is the plan?

Under Chapter 13, your debts will be consolidated into a repayment plan over three to five years.

Can I make just one payment every month?

Yes, you will make one payment on the consolidated debts in the plan, but this may or may not include your mortgage payment.

Do I have to make a lot of money to qualify for Chapter 13?

No. Many types of income can be used, including wages, workers' compensation, unemployment, Social Security, disability benefits, welfare, child support and spousal support.

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