Truths About Bankruptcy

You may have heard many things about bankruptcy from friends and family. Unless you talk to a lawyer, however, it is difficult to know whether the information is accurate.

At the law office of Luman C. Earle Attorney At Law in Dublin, we will provide answers to your bankruptcy questions. We try our best to explain the law in a way you can understand. When you speak with us, you will see that we are committed to helping you understand your debt relief options.

You can visit our pages on Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy to learn about them. Below we have provided some general information about bankruptcy:

Bankruptcy ends creditor harassment.

If you have filed bankruptcy, an automatic stay makes it illegal for your creditors to call, write or take legal action to collect a debt.

You can get credit after filing bankruptcy.

Successfully completing bankruptcy can improve your credit rating. Taking care of your debt shows responsibility. It is possible to get loans and credit cards after bankruptcy.

You can get rid of some tax debt in bankruptcy.

Some taxes may be eliminated in bankruptcy. It depends on the type of tax debt and whether you have filed the taxes.

Child support and alimony cannot be eliminated.

Court-ordered child support and spousal support/alimony cannot be stopped by filing bankruptcy.

Student loan debt usually cannot be eliminated.

At this point, student loans cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy. However, there are certain options available and laws pending regarding this issue.

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