Credit Card Debt

Relying on credit cards to pay bills is something many people do when they are in debt. It is easy to get behind on the payments or pay just the minimum each month. Unfortunately, this makes credit card debt grow quickly, with late fees and increased interest rates making things worse.

At the law office of Luman C. Earle Attorney At Law in Dublin, Georgia, we understand how hard it is to pay off credit cards. It's not your fault. Credit card companies take advantage of people. We can help you get rid of credit card debt after we talk and look at your finances. Filing bankruptcy can eliminate your debts. If it's the right option, we will discuss it with you.

How Will Bankruptcy Help?

If you file Chapter 7, your credit card debt will be eliminated. Possible exceptions include purchases or cash advances you made within six months before filing, especially if you purchased luxury items.

Under Chapter 13 bankruptcy, some percentage of your credit card debt may be included in your repayment plan if you can afford it. Any remaining credit card debt after you complete the plan may be eliminated.

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