Stop Repossession

Are you being threatened with repossession of your car or truck? Has it already been taken by a repo man? Filing bankruptcy will stop repossession. If your vehicle has been repossessed, we may be able to get it back for you.

Speak with us at the law office of Luman C. Earle Attorney At Law in Dublin to find out whether bankruptcy will save your car. Our bankruptcy lawyer has more than 35 years of experience helping people in middle Georgia. He and our knowledgeable, friendly staff will answer your questions about repossession and bankruptcy.

Can You Help Me Keep My Car? Yes.

When you have an auto loan, the lender has the right to take the vehicle back if you stop making payments. Vehicles may be repossessed after you miss just one payment.

Filing bankruptcy halts all collection activities, including repossession. Depending on the amount and type of debt you have, we may recommend Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. We will discuss these options with you.

Repossession is not limited to cars. Other property with a title or used as collateral can be repossessed if you do not make payments. Bankruptcy can help prevent repossession of any item.

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