Tax Levies

Owing money to the IRS is extremely stressful. The government can be relentless in trying to collect from you, and it has nearly limitless resources to do so. Don't try to fight the IRS without a lawyer's help.

You can turn to the law office of Luman C. Earle Attorney At Law in Dublin for tax debt help. We will look at your debts and determine whether they can be eliminated by filing bankruptcy. Our experienced lawyer or his knowledgeable staff can also discuss tax liens filed against your property.

Can Bankruptcy Help Me With Tax Debt?

It's possible. The law allows you to eliminate certain types of unpaid federal and Georgia state income taxes. In general, bankruptcy can get rid of tax debts that are more than three years old and which have been assessed more than 240 days before the bankruptcy filing. The tax return must have been filed at least two years before you file bankruptcy.

You cannot eliminate taxes you never filed or any taxes that were involved in tax fraud.

In many cases, eligible tax debt can be eliminated in Chapter 7. If yours are not, you may be able to repay them without interest or penalties under the repayment plan in Chapter 13. We will determine which chapter may work for you.

We Will Explain How The Law Applies To You

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